Covid - 19 information from us here at Neptunes Diving Malta

Time in Malta

If you or a member of your family are traveling to Malta, it is best you are fully Vaccinated against Covid-19!

If you are not Vaccinated you will have to spend 14 days in a hotel to quarantine at your expense!

If you are fully Vaccinated, then you have the freedom to enjoy everything that Malta has to offer!

Within the Dive Centre & Dive Vehicles a face covering is to be warn at all times, when we arrive at the dive site the face covering can be removed!

When you are not diving, two persons can walk the streets without a face covering as long as you have your Vaccination Certificates with you either on paper or your phone & some sort of ID! If you meet up with another person you must don the face covering!

When entering Resteraunts, bars or shops you must wear a face covering!

Special rules apply for children under 12 years old!